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Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The difference with traditional hearing aid technology, rechargeable allows you to reuse the same battery simply by recharging the hearing aids with the charger. More environmental than battery hearing aid. Its power supply can be from power bank, computer, adapter, AA battery and so on, which allow you to take it to go outside for a long time, so rechargeable hearing amplifier ear aid is great potential in the market.

Type of rechargeable hearing aid:

We can sort USB line charging, adapter charging, and case charging by the power supply.

USB charging hearing aids, it can be supplied by a power bank, computer, laptop and something output by USB interface. Like our JH-338, JH-339, JH-351, JH-351O, JH-351R, JH-909;

Adapter Charging hearing aids, they are charged by the adapter, and the adapter plug could be US, UK, EU, AU and so on. This kind of hearing aids like our JH-905 and JH-337. Our JH-337 also can be charged by AA battery.

The case charging hearing aids are portable and all the accessories can be put in the case. These hearing aids are charged by the case and the case also is rechargeable, power supply by adapter, USB or AA battery. Like JH-361, JH-335 Hearing aids.

The advantage of rechargeable hearing aids

1. Built-in rechargeable battery, eco-friendly, they will reduce the using of battery, great for our environment;
2. Good for traveling, it is very convenient to get the power if your hearing aid is power off, while if you are using a battery hearing aid, you may not easy to find a place to buy a battery;

Because the great potential in market, rechargeable hearing amplifier is more and more popular in hearing loss group. They are hot selling in an online store especially like Amazon.

If you interested in rechargeable hearing aids, welcome to contact us, we will offer the good price and high-quality product to you.

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